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September 30, 2022

VISA Check Card: A Smart Choice

Paper or plastic? That's a choice no longer limited to bagging your purchases. It's your option for paying for them, also. Save time, hassle, and money with a VISA Check Card from the credit union. Use it instead of a check to pay for purchases. It looks like a VISA and is accepted like a VISA, but because the funds come out of your share draft account, there's no bill to pay later. So you get the convenience of plastic without the interest charges. And no more fumbling for identification, as you're less likely to have to produce an ID when you use a check card instead of a check.

When the cashier asks you to select "debit" or "credit" as the transaction type, always select "credit." This sends the transaction through the VISA network and there's no need to enter your personal identification number (PIN) for the purchase. There is no cost to you for this transaction.

You will always sign for the transaction at a merchant, unless you want cash back. In that case, you'll need to enter your PIN. When you use your VISA Check Card at an ATM, you'll need your PIN and there may be a charge. Using your card at a merchant may allow you to avoid excess fees to get cash. Just be sure to ask - some merchants are tacking on fees for using the cash back option. For more information, contact the credit union today.

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