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May 22, 2022


Savings Rates Certificate Rates Fees Loan Rates

Effective as of: 07/01/2021
Entrance Fee$1.00 New Accounts
Checking Monthly Service < 65 yrs old$2.00 monthly
Non Sufficient Funds$30.00
Stop Payment$30.00
Check Copy - (free via internet teller)$2.00
Statement Copy$2.00 per page
Reconciliation$20.00 per hour, min 1 hour
IRA Initial Fee$10.00 New Account
IRA Service Fee$9.50 Annual Maintenance
IRA Closure Fee$5.00
Account History (free via internet teller)$2.00 Per Page
Photo Copies0.25 Per Page
Fax Non CU Business$1.00 per page
Money Orders$1.50 each
Cashier's Checks$3.00 each
ATM Activity Fee$1.00 every transaction*
ATM Card Fee$10.00 replacement fee
ATM PIN Reorder$5.00 replacement fee
Debit Card Fee$10.00 replacement card
Debit card rush order $50.00 Rush Mailing
Inactive Account (no activity in 1 year)$5.00 per quarter-balance less than $100
Overdraft Xfer/Manual Processing$1.00
Deposit / Payment Returned Check$30.00
Legal Processing$50.00 Per Document
Check Cashing - mbr sharedraft only$3.00
Mortgage Late Payment5% on overdue pmt if > 15 days
Returned Statement$2.00 per cycle
Incoming Wire Fee$5.00
Outgoing Wire Fee$20.00
* white ATM card

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